The Spoonbridge and Cherry Gondolier

Oldenburg’s Spoonbridge and Cherry, a massive sculpture in the shape of a large spoon with a cherry positioned at the end of the spoon, is the most photographed landmark in the Twin Cities. It draws tourists from around the world who want to experience what might be the Walker’s most beloved piece of art.

For The Spoonbridge and Cherry Gondolier, I offered canoe rides around the diminutive yet picturesque pond the sculpture sits in. I took on the duty of a gondolier, with the appropriate uniform, and transported the sight-seers on a scenic journey around on the pond that surrounds the famous spoon and cherry. The experience was made even more authentic by small speakers, placed inside the canoe, that played Italian music.

the walker art center mobile grass circle

Patterns are prevalent throughout all departments at the Walker Art Center and manifest in both physical and virtual dimensions. I created a remote-controlled grass circle modeled after the patterned stationary grass circles planted in the front of the building. My grass circle has the ability to move freely; liberated from its rooted counterparts.

Courtesy the Artist

Using materials meant to be invisible, inform, or to support art works I performed invisible interventions at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis.

One of the museum’s pedestals was placed in front of the staircase before entering a gallery. On the front there was a exhibition plate, identical to one used in the galleries, displaying:

“Rachel Knoll American b. 1990
Camouflaged Obstruction (2012)
Performance Piece
Courtesy the Artist”

Below there was a second plate with the words: “Please do not touch.”, also as how traditionally displayed throughout the Museum. On the back side of the pedistal there was an alternate exhibition plate titled:

“People looking at a Pedestal (2012)
Performance Piece”

The singular object serves as two seperate works while allowing any viewer take part in a performance at the Museum.

In its likeness, I created a second pedistal to the scale of the first using foamboard.

I put the pedistal outside the ‘Lifelike’ exhibition.
My fabricated object bared an exhibtion plate with my name and was titled:

“Pedistal (2012)